The following questionnaire has been designed to determine your profile by helping us understand your investment objectives and your impression of our "Orchid Court" development, which is planned to be delivered by June, 2014.

Please complete the following questions to help us develop a relationship best suited to your investment goals and decisions.

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Why would you want to buy the above chosen house type?:

Interested as an end user for you and your family
Expecting a good long term return on investment
Expecting good rental returns
Expecting a quick short term return on investment


Why would you choose NOT to buy the above chosen house type?:

It is too expensive
It is not well finished to taste
It is not well located
Non-availability of equity finance
Difficulty in getting mortgage facilities from the bank
Skeptical about estimated period of completion/delivery
Unsure of the quality of finishes
I have a better property investment option
The payment plan is not realistic


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1 - 5 times
5 times and Above

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